Remembering Father Reardon



Woonsocket mourns the loss of Father Dennis Reardon, who passed away on March 21. His life was a beacon of compassion, dedication, and faith, deeply influencing our community. Father Reardon was pivotal in supporting the Latino community and had a profound love for opera. He remained committed to Woonsocket, advocating for the underprivileged and local businesses, and was instrumental in running a food pantry, reflecting his genuine generosity.
Father Reardon was more than a public figure; to many, including myself, he was a mentor and guiding light. His wisdom, shared with me for years over regular breakfasts, served as a compass through challenges, especially during my seminary years. His teachings, filled with love and patience, continue to inspire us to live compassionately.
In honoring Father Reardon, we remember his dedication to service, community, and humanity. Despite his cognitive health challenges in later years, his legacy and the community he nurtured affirm that we are never truly alone.
His favorite poem, reminding us that “No one walks their path alone,” captures the essence of his impact, urging us to support each other with unseen labor and love, embodyingFatherReardon’s lifelong commitment to helping others feel supported.
He recited this poem at my mother’s funeral, yet its words aptly describe him as well:“in the deep hush of dawn to offer their lives of unseen labor and that someday those in pain may rise, free from struggle and fear, and somehow know that no one walks their path alone.”

Ryan Bilodeau
Kennebunk, Maine

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