Rep. Langevin Defies Logic with Abortion Stance


On September 24, Rep. James Langevin (D-RI) voted to codify abortion protections in federal law. In a public statement, the congressman chastises “extremist” state legislators for preventing women from access to abortion. In a bizarre twist of logic, Langevin then claims he is personally opposed to abortion, which he defines as “reproductive care.” Langevin’s circumlocution wouldn’t convince an elementary school student. Reason easily deduces his fallacy. If abortion is health care, everyone should support it, publicly and personally. No one opposes abortion “personally” if the act itself objectively protects a woman’s health. Rather, there must exist some standard against which individuals personally judge abortion to be bad. That standard is simple: abortion terminates the life of an innocent human being. That’s wrong.
The distinction between personal opposition and public approval proffered by scores of politicians, including Langevin, displays the hubris with which these legislators look down upon the intellectual capacities of the constituents they serve. Progressives recently realized such equivocation is dishonest. Some even admit there is no metaphysical difference between life in the womb and life outside the womb. This distinction is largely inconsequential. What matters is personal choice — the instrument of unlimited autonomy. Congressman Langevin should admit this truth, lest he continue to defy logic. At least he would be honest.
And his constituents would then see what abortion proponents really want: sanctioned murder to salvage “freedom.” Of course, this recognition is politically dangerous. Reason rarely votes.
Sadly, all of this confirms that Congressman Langevin has joined the chorus of feckless politicians more concerned with political capital than truth. Reasonable people must object to this nonsense.