'Share and Defend the Faith' the theme of this year's in-person Catholic Men's Conference


PROVIDENCE — The Diocese of Providence will host the annual Catholic Men’s Conference on Saturday, April 17, at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, Providence.
All priests, deacons and other Catholic men are invited for an in-person day of prayer, fellowship and inspired witness from apologist Trent Horn. Horn’s recent presentations have been called “engaging, compelling and incredibly intelligent.”
“His ability to not only defend the Church but reveal her beauty and truth is a gift. It was a blessing to have him as a keynote speaker…he has moved the hearts and minds of hundreds of students,” said Eu Ran (Helen) Kwak, Director of Programs, University Catholic Conference of California.
The day will begin with Mass, celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Robert C. Evans, followed by a talk and a Q & A session with Horn in a session entitled “No More Mr. Nice Guy.”
The Office of Faith Formation for the diocese invited all men to this special event adding that, “Pope Francis has declared this to be the year of St. Joseph. It is clear that all men need to imitate St. Joseph and to be the biological and spiritual fathers that God calls them to be, ready to hand on and defend the Catholic Faith.”
For the full schedule and more information, including cost and registration info, visit discovercatholicfaith.org/mens-conference.


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