Spiritual reading yields many benefits during Lent



As we enter into Lent, and as we engage in prayer, fasting, and alms-giving, let us not forget spiritual reading.
May I offer three works (out of so many) that are very good for this season. “Parochial and Plain Sermons,” by St. John Henry Newman. It is a book of masterful insights into scripture and the Christian life. “The Sinner’s Guide,’ by Blessed Louis of Granada. The relentless logic and heartfelt appeal to conversion is profoundly moving. “Introduction to the Devout Life,” by St. Francis de Sales. This is a true classic, it strikes to the soul, and every Catholic should experience the riches of this book.
A marvelous circumstance of modern life is that these 3 books are all available as audiobooks. Listen in the car, or while you are on a walk, or sitting waiting somewhere. The narration of the books is excellent, but the reading of Newman’s book in particular is exceptional, just transporting.
I still believe there is nothing like reading, but in our busy lives what an opportunity audio books of this quality present. Some spiritual reading — or listening — is another way to make for a more meaningful and heart-changing Lent.

Gregory M. Butler, Lincoln


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