St. Joseph, it is time for your consecration and intercession



The year 2020 can be renewed if we could only see clearly the wakeup call our ever patient, merciful Lord is sending us. This latest pandemic and economic downturn are far from an extinction level event, yet it has marked another disastrous, sinful response within our fallen world. If only we would humble ourselves before Our Lord and turn from our evil ways, the healing required is awaiting. This entrusted solution given to Solomon from God is again frustrated by a stiffed-necked human race. The more things change, the more they stay the same!
So how do we inspire the hearts and minds of people to repent? The Catholic Church is falling short in their responsibilities to lead, Christians are not united to be a formidable voice, and our Jewish and Muslim brethren may step up however our salvation is tied to Jesus. Polarizing politicians, secular professionals and the majority of people left will not guide us to redemption.
Since the beginning with Adam and Eve, sin with all its pride, arrogance and failure has proven to truly be a dead end. Relative subjectivity that seduces humanity into contradiction can never lead to the objective answers required. Only the Creator who planted the Tree of Knowledge in the first place has the answers- this Loving God who asks us to love Him and be loved by Him. Can the secret of life be that uncomplicated?

Bob Smith, Men of St. Joseph