St. Mary Academy - Bay View students raise thousands for children in St. Lucia


This past spring, the Mercy Action Club of St. Mary Academy - Bay View along with the entire school community raised over $2,000 and purchased 270 new umbrellas for the children of the La Croix Maingot School in St. Lucia. Lisa Jarvis, the founder of Irie Kids, a non-profit organization helping the underprivileged children in St. Lucia, and who is also a parent of a Bay View alumna, thanked the Academy for their donation saying, “The children at La Croix are ecstatic! Thank you for sending this much-needed gift to the students. The entire community is so grateful to St. Mary Academy - Bay View for helping to keep the children from getting soaked on their way to and from school. This was a real problem that now has been resolved thanks to the caring hearts of your students.” In the village of Maingot, St. Lucia, many children live below the poverty line and walk miles to and from school each day on dangerous roads in the pouring rain. Each year, many of those children die after being hit by passing cars while walking to school on these rain-soaked roads. In this area of the island, even an umbrella is too expensive for many of the families to afford. St. Mary Academy - Bay View heard of this need through Lisa Jarvis, and through it’s Mercy Action Club, was able to fundraise for this important cause. Students raised money by selling Allie’s Donuts, in addition to each grade level collecting money during Spirit Week, as well as through private donations.