St. Pius V School builds pavilion offering outdoor learning space


PROVIDENCE — This past year, many people have been talking about the blessings found as a result of COVID-19. St. Pius V Church and School are experiencing one of those blessings currently. The church and school have worked together to erect a beautiful new structure on campus. A multi-use pavilion is being built on site for St. Pius V’s various outdoor activities.
The idea for the pavilion came from the school’s need to hold much classroom and lunch time outdoors this year, due to the pandemic. “We have had such a successful year with our students in-person, full-time, with very few cases,” says Jennifer Anzelone, a current SPV parent. “I know that this was due much in part to keeping the students outdoors and distanced whenever possible.”
Holding classes and lunchtimes outdoors required the school to rent expensive party tents, an ongoing cost that is not sustainable to the school’s budget. Father James Sullivan, O.P., decided that a permanent structure would benefit both the school and the parish. Not only will the pavilion be used for classroom space, it can be used for fundraisers, parties, and other school and parish events.