Statement of Bishop Tobin on the Separation of Children from Parents


“We know that the immigration policy of our country is broken and in urgent need of repair, but I can’t think of any circumstances that justify separating children from their parents. It is a cruel and unnecessary practice and it should stop now. It is truly unfortunate that our political leaders, from all sides, cannot rise above their partisan bickering, to repair our immigration system and take care of the immigrant and refugee families who come to our nation seeking freedom, peace and prosperity.

On many occasions in the past I have spoken out in support of immigrants and refugees in our community, and to encourage immigration reform. I will continue to do so. It should be a legislative and moral priority for our state and nation. Nor should we forget that for many years the Diocese of Providence has offered a warm welcome to refugees and immigrants who have come to us, and has provided valuable social services to meet their needs.”