The Evils of ‘Gender Support Plans’


Does your son or daughter have a “gender support plan”? If he or she does, you probably don’t know about it. As Edie Heipel stated in a recent Catholic News Agency article, throughout the country “school administrators are using ‘gender support plans’ to help young children transition into the gender identity of their choice, without the knowledge or consent of their parents.” This is the latest attempt of our “woke” public education system to undermine parental rights and legitimate parental authority. As the Catechism reminds us: “Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children” (CCC 2223). That responsibility does not rest with the state or any public institution.
Ultimately, children who have gender support plans are being taught to be dishonest and deceitful toward members of their own families. They live what they perceive to be a false gender identity when they’re home with mom and dad, and their true gender identity when they’re in the company of their friends and teachers at school. This kind of deception and dishonesty is almost certain to drive a deeper wedge between them and their parents—who are the two people that are most likely to help them deal with any legitimate issues of gender dysphoria they may be experiencing.
As we begin a new school year, good parents need to make the commitment to be more vigilant than ever before in monitoring what their children are being exposed to in the classroom and in school-sponsored activities. And if they find that their child’s school is one that implements gender support plans, they need to join together with other good parents to publicly oppose the policy.
Or they need to find another school that will honor, and not undermine, their authority in their child’s life.