The Hyde Amendment must be Protected


President Joe Biden’s refusal to uphold the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal tax dollars from contributing to abortions, reveals his administration’s radical pro-abortion agenda. There was a time when even most Democrats would argue abortions should be “rare,” clearly recognizing, at least in part, the inherent barbarity of the industry which disguises itself as health-care for women.
Biden had long been a defender of the Hyde Amendment during his tenure in the Senate and even as a Vice Presidential candidate. But the President caved to the attacks of the progressive left, revealing that immediate political gain means more to him than upholding a very reasonable and long-standing policy supported by most Americans. In allocating federal funds for abortion, the Biden administration will ensure that clinics like Planned Parenthood receive billions of dollars in aid, thus increasing their influence among vulnerable populations, and contributing to the moral evil of destroying innocent human life.
Perhaps even more vile than the legalization of abortion is an active participation in its advancement. Abortion is no longer a “necessary evil,” but something to be celebrated and encouraged. After suffering the evils of abortion and the psychological and emotional trauma it causes women, where will they turn? Will the Biden Administration contribute government aid to the counseling and reconciliation needed — and wanted — by many women after they regret their decision? Sadly, the same government which permits everything forgives nothing. In the end, more women will suffer the devastating effects of abortion.