The power of grace triumphs over rise of evil in the world


Every human being inherently desires the transcendent. As the ambient culture moves further away from God, however, these desires are often fulfilled with disordered counterfeits. One can thus explain the deeply troubling rise of the occult in popular American culture over recent years. In a new book shedding light on demonic phenomena, Catholic exorcist Msgr. Stephen Rossetti reveals dangerous signs of evil infecting local communities in the United States. Rising trends in suicide, drug abuse, pornography, abortions, social upheaval, witchcraft and ouija boards have opened the door for demonic harassment and possession.
Unlike Hollywood movies, however, present day attacks are more subtle. Msgr. Rossetti even concedes that demons have utilized modern technology, such as text messages, to terrorize their victims. In a nation where religious practice has dropped significantly, the increased requests for deliverance and exorcisms that Msgr. Rossetti receives appear ironic. Yet demonstrable evidence clearly suggests that a lack of faith aggravates demonic attacks, as the evil one will stop at nothing to try and eradicate the power of grace in the world. In the face of evil, people turn back to God. Christians must thus bear prophetic witness to the triumph of grace, showing the world that evil has no authority over the Risen Christ.


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