The rosary, our divine protection against evil



In 1209, our Blessed Mother appeared to St. Dominic. Her request was to reform the world with the Angelic Psalter (The Hail Mary). As a priest, he had been praying for divine intervention to be used as a spiritual weapon. This would be the foundation stone of the New Testament. And God wants us to honor his mother, Mary. The rosary gives all people, laity and clergy, the ability to wield the sword on a daily basis and slay the dragon that has always existed. The rosary, when prayed, allows the poor, uneducated and young to have the same powerful power as priests, nuns and bishops. The rosary is the prayer that our Blessed Mother wants us to say. It is up to us to pick up our rosary beads and pray against the evil that persists. Our Blessed Mother is on our side and so is our Lord. The rosary has the power to change the world.

Marilyn Brennan, Narragansett