There are many issues to consider as Election Day approaches


To the Editor:

With Election Day three months away, I am writing to ask the R.I. Catholic to help readers understand that there are many issues that must be considered before casting a vote on Nov. 3. As Ann Sullivan and Joanne Spaziano wrote in the July 23 edition, we all have a responsibility to vote for the person who best reflects our Catholic values. I know from my reading of many Catholic newspapers and magazines that Pope Francis, while never diminishing the sin of abortion, has reminded Catholics that there are other pro-life issues. In the July 9 paper, I was dismayed by the two letters suggesting that your readers ‘had no other choice’ but to vote Republican because of abortion and Mr. Trump being ‘pro-life.’ I realize these are opinions, and respect your decision to print them. However, I do believe it is the paper’s responsibility to help its readers know that being pro-life also means caring for immigrants and the poor; it means providing a living wage and decent health care. Being pro-life means rejecting the death penalty (which was just reinstated by this administration). Being pro-life also means caring for the environment. I believe an award-winning paper should inform its readers of these important issues so they can make a well-informed decision in November. Please consider writing articles in the next few months, not just letters to the editor, that will help your readers understand all aspects of being a responsible voter.

Jennifer Abbate, Portsmouth