To be pro-life means living the Beatitudes


To the Editor:

I would like to address two ladies that proclaimed in the July 23 edition that being pro-life should not be the #1 priority for a Catholic voter. I disagree. If Life is not the #1 priority then what should be? Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders both proclaimed that they would extend abortion beyond partial birth abortion to also allow a child to be born and let the mother and her physician decide on whether the child should be allowed to live. Remember the 6th Commandment “Thou shall not kill.” Jesus proclaimed: “I am the Way the Truth and the Life.” I am voting for Life as my #1 priority as I am sure the hundreds of thousands that marched in Washington, D.C., for Life will also. Regardless of President Trump’s personal life (for what measure you judge, you will be judged, Matthew 7.2) and his occasional dumb tweets, he is the only President to address in person the pro-life Marchers in Washington, D.C. Fact: the reason President Trump had a photo-op in front of the St. John’s Episcopal church (which protesters had previously damaged) was that he had just called for support for International Religious Freedom in an Executive Order. I am glad that the Rhode Island Catholic always publishes R.I. Right to Life’s ad which lists Pro-Life candidates running for election. Being pro-life is in line with the Beatitudes and virtues. Being anything other is suspect.

Paul Lemek, West Warwick