Voting for a leader solely on party affiliation is wrong


To the Editor:

I believe in God, the Father Almighty, and in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, etc. Also, I believe that when a baby is conceived in the Mother’s womb she/he is God’s child and should not be aborted. But voting for a person to run our country just because he belongs to the Republican Party is wrong. We need to separate our personal life and our personal beliefs from political affiliations. I am pro-life but did not vote for Trump in the last election. I voted for the person who I felt would best govern our country. Looking at what has happened in the last four years in our country, I don’t believe Trump was a good choice for many. Some Church members have encouraged Christians to vote Republican no matter who is running solely based on pro-life issues. I believe the Republican Party will never solve the abortion issue because they depend on the Christian pro-life vote in order to help win an election! It is unfortunately too political. We need to spend our efforts in teaching our young children/adults the value of an unborn child, and if necessary, to abstain.

Paulette M. Girard, North Smithfield