letter to the editor

We are the ones responsible



The mass arrests of thousands of undocumented workers around the nation just two weeks before Christmas should make reasonable people ask: "What caused our urgent need for low-wage foreign laborers by the millions?"

The answer is dreadfully simple: America chose not to have children. And soon-to-be Muslim Europe made the same choice.

But it wasn't always so. A large family used to be more than five children. I was the fourth of 14 children, an unquestionably large family.

During my childhood I delivered newspapers; I mowed lawns; I cooked and washed floors in a restaurant. I was a babysitter, an umpire and a lifeguard. I washed dishes, swept and mopped floors, and cleaned toilets at a Catholic boarding high school to pay expenses. I even had time to practice the piano for two-three hours a day and was paid to play at an upscale club. An American boy did all this work before heading off to college. Remarkable? Not really. Aborted or never conceived children could have done that and much more.

The individuals responsible for the legalization and marketing of abortion and contraception created the immigration crisis. They are the ones who have successfully disconnected the American people from human and business realities. They work for and finance Planned Parenthood; they write out the prescriptions and do the abortions; they fill the prescriptions. They may be our pharmacists; our teachers, parents and friends. They may be ourselves. It is not the immigrant's fault that we need him or her; it is our fault, our most grievous fault.

George A. Morton

Hopewell Junction, N.Y.