Rhetoric sparking political civil war


Since the election of President Donald Trump, political rhetoric from both digital and print media has inflamed passions among the American people. Most of the hate-based rhetoric has come from the liberal left, who are perhaps still fuming over election results. Over the past couple of weeks, two events representing the simmering emotions of rage among the Hollywood elite and socialist left have manifested violence towards fellow Americans.

The first event involved Kathy Griffin, a television personality and off-color comedian, who displayed a bloodied decapitated head created in the likeness of President Trump. She tried to justify her actions as a publicity stunt, but reactions from both political camps found that she had stepped over the line. Griffin offered a pseudo-apology and then claimed to be the victim because she lost a job with CNN and various booking engagements.

The second event that shocked the political establishment was the attempted killing of Pro-Life Congressman Steve Scalise by James Hodgkinson, a die-hard liberal activist. Hodgkinson approached the congressman, while he and others were practicing for a softball game, and shot him along with others that were present. The assailant died due to injuries from the police defending Scalise, and the congressman is on a long road back to recovery. The liberal left often talks about tolerance, but it does not practice it. Unless the political rhetoric and hate speech are toned down, we may end up in another civil war in which no side will survive without great casualties.