Some media a source of misinformation for Catholic Church


Go and make disciples of all nations and teach them to observe all that I have commanded you. With this mandate, Saint Matthew closes his narrative of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ command was not just for the first generation of Christians but continues until He returns in all his glory.

Unfortunately for the vulnerable, there are many ways by which Satan can turn the hearts of good men and women away from God’s ways. One of which is by misinformation; letting them believe that what sounds good must be the truth. Much of our local print and electronic media can be, and sadly is, used as a tool for misinformation. News media has become a competitive big business by which the agenda of a few is often promulgated as news for the many. The untrustworthiness of public media is just one of many reasons why it is so important to have in our hands a means by which God’s message may be conveyed and to highlight the good works being done in His name. The Rhode Island Catholic Newspaper is that tool for evangelization in our midst.

A tool that keeps on working, after it has been read it should not be recycle it in the blue bins in front of houses; it should be recycled by being left on the desk of a co-worker, placed in the locker of a classmate, offered to a family member who has taken a break from God. Let others know the Catholic Church is alive and well despite what the world is selling. Go make disciple of all nations beginning with those whom the faithful see every day and with the pages of the Rhode Island Catholic.