The secret to success in all things



Recently, I read about the owner of a small factory who was greatly respected by his employees — not only for his business skills, but for his integrity and his concern for his employees. They knew he went out of his way to be fair to them and that more than once during hard times he sacrificed the company profits to keep his workers employed.
After his death, one of his longtime employees was showing the man’s grandson around the factory. “Do you want to know the secret of your grandfather’s success?” he asked the grandson. “Certainly,” he replied, wondering what gems of wisdom he might learn. Wordlessly, the employee led him to the rear of the factory, and then into one corner where he opened the door to what looked like a small storage closet. “This was the secret of his success,” he said. “Every morning, he slipped into here before anyone else arrived and spent at least a half hour in prayer. Prayer was the foundation and success of his life for himself and others.

Richard D. Walsh, East Greenwich