A Civil Leader’s Courage


On May 20, the Catholic News Agency published a story which was almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. It concerned a recent statement made by George Vella, the current president of Malta. The Maltese Parliament is currently considering a bill that would decriminalize abortion in that small island nation. Vella, a trained physician, stated publicly on May 17 that he would resign his office rather than sign such a bill into law. “I will never sign a bill that involves the authorization of murder,” he was quoted as saying.
In an era of moral decay and political correctness, it’s both refreshing and encouraging to hear about a civil leader who places principle above personal, political gain — a leader who’s willing to call a gross moral evil by its proper name, regardless of the consequences to him personally. Such courage and conviction are rarely found in civil leaders these days, as many Americans — including many Rhode Islanders — would sadly attest.


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