A Winning Game Plan For This NFL Star

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin

Harrison Butker is the kicker for the reigning NFL Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. As prominent as that role is, however, Butker has his sights set on a goal far more important than kicking a football and winning a Super Bowl.
According to a recent article from the “Catholic News Service,” in an address to college students who are members of the Knights of Columbus, Butker, 25, spoke clearly of the importance of his Catholic Faith. To the young Knights he said: “Outside of the bright lights of the stadium, with the fans and the notoriety that come with being an NFL player, the greatest impact that I will make with my time on earth is remaining dedicated to my primary vocation – helping my family get to heaven.”
He went on to talk about needing to remain strong amidst the challenges of our secular culture. “Giving into societal pressure is the easier road to travel for sure, but that doesn’t bring us to the side of the countless heroic saints who have shown us the better way. It is up to you to speak up, do more, be more. Be the light in the ever-darkening world,” he urged.
Finally, he emphasized that the practice of our faith isn’t something that should be “reserved in private and on Sundays.” He continued: “Now is the time for you to take up your task, as men of the Church, to fight this battle for our nation, to bring Christ back to our daily lives.”
Wow! It’s not often that we hear a professional athlete give such a compelling and unabashed witness to his Catholic Faith!
Harrison said that his primary vocation was to “help his family get to heaven.” And that’s a winning game plan for us mere mortals as well, we who are not the heroes of the National Football League. Regardless of our particular vocation or our daily work, the most important goal we should have now is to live our faith authentically and proudly, and then end our journey in heaven, while also taking with us our families and friends.
Harrison Butker’s wonderful witness to the faith is enough to make one cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs. Unless, that is, a different football team, wearing black-and-gold, happens to be playing for the AFC Championship and Super Bowl.
Something to think about: What’s your game plan for life? Is it to get to heaven?


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