Abortion and Religious Freedom are “social issues?”



I would like to respond to Father David Stokes’ letter to the editor in the January 21 edition of the R.I. Catholic. He called the events of January 6 by about 100 fanatics that went into the capitol building “obscene.” But he said that the murder of 62 million babies is a “social issue” not to be concerned with. He minimized the fact that President Trump was pro-life. Please, Father, tell that to the hundreds of thousands that heard his speech for Life at the March for Life and the millions of people who have been fighting for an end to abortion ever since Roe v. Wade became law. Trump gave his Life speech without a teleprompter also. Be advised that preaching against abortion is preaching Jesus Christ crucified. Please read Jesus’s words in Matthew 25:40 “What ever you do to the least of my brothers, so you do unto Me.” Thank you, Rhode Island Catholic for your Pro-Life stance as we continue the fight to end the heinous act of abortion.

Paul Lemek, K of C Life Director, West Warwick