The Inspired Impact of Liturgical Music



I was pleased to read Laura Kelly Fanucci’s article “In Praise of Singing” in the March 7 edition of Rhode Island Catholic. She rightly notes that “vocal participation in the liturgy” can be a “means of grace,” as I suspect many Catholics know from first-hand experience. While Ms. Fanucci apparently has had years of experience in parishes “where the congregation mostly listened to the choir or cantor,” I feel very fortunate to be a longtime parishioner of Christ the King in Kingston where voices ring out to my left, my right, from in front and behind.
I’m not sure how typical (or atypical) this may be, but my parish’s active engagement in song is one of the qualities which I find to be most life-giving. It certainly helps that our music ministers choose meaningful and singable songs, but regardless of whether there’s a choir or a cantor at Mass, the people of Christ the King sing not just audibly, but often enthusiastically. While there are many ways in which God can touch us through the liturgy, I find that one of the most striking is through music. Perhaps we have underappreciated its power and potential.

Tony LoPresti, North Kingstown