Bishop McManus should be commended for his actions in calling for removal of flags from Worcester Catholic school

Philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre, in his recent work “God, Philosophy, Universities,” demonstrates the pivotal role theology studies play in the inherited Western academic system. The pursuit of knowledge is only unified by the capstone of divine revelation handed down by the Church through the centuries.
With this in mind, Bishop Robert McManus of Worcester should be commended for his genuinely courageous actions in insisting that two ideologically-charged flags, both of which represent an anti-Christian agenda, be removed from a Catholic school in the Worcester diocese. Neither the so-called “Black Lives Matter” nor “Pride” movements authentically represent Catholic teaching on race relations nor human sexuality. It is the Bishop’s responsibility, particularly in the field of education as a participant in the magisterium of the Church, to ensure that the Christian message of faith, which speaks to the radical equality of all people before God in Christ and the beauty of male and female as created in the image and likeness of God, be proclaimed with clarity and charity.
 Flying flags which promote a simulacrum of this teaching runs counter to this crucial responsibility of Catholic education. The teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, specifically on the unity of the human family and the dignity of marriage between man and woman, should be the apogee of the educational process. Thank you, Bishop McManus, for emphasizing this truth!
Albert Peter Marcello, III, JCD (Cand.) , Defender of the Bond, Diocesan Tribunal