Bishop Tobin’s Catholic Schools Week Message


To Our Catholic School Community: As the Diocese of Providence joins in the celebration of Catholic Schools Week, I extend my greetings to all those who are dedicated to the mission of our Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Providence – pastors, administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents and supporters.
The theme for this year’s observance is: Faith, Excellence, Service, virtues that capture the essential mission of our schools. Our goal is to transmit the Faith of the Church which we ourselves have received; to do so in a superlative academic context; and to motivate our students to embrace a lifestyle of generous service to our Church and community!
The mission of our Catholic Schools has divine origin since it began with our Lord Jesus Christ himself, who commissioned his disciples to “go forth and teach.” We realize, though, that this mission is not accomplished in a vacuum, but in a real historical context that requires the personal, spiritual and financial commitment of many individuals. We firmly believe that our Catholic schools are worth all of the sacrifices we make. Our world, and our Church would look very different if we didn’t have the life-giving contributions of our Catholic Schools.
May Christ, the Divine Teacher, bestow his abundant blessings on all those who are committed to our Catholic Schools! Be confident that the seeds of faith and knowledge you are planting today will bear much good fruit in the days and years to come! Thank you, and God bless you!
Bishop Thomas J. Tobin


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