Bishops: Tell Congress Not to Exclude Catholic Schools from Federal Child Care and Pre-K Programs


WASHINGTON — The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is urging the faithful to help ensure the Build Back Better Act does not effectively exclude Catholic schools from child care and pre-K programs, thus severely limiting options for families.
The USCCB has been encouraged by many provisions being considered for the Build Back Better Act to support the common good, including family supports, housing, migration and the environment. The bishops also recognize how important child care and pre-kindergarten are for working families, and the Church has always affirmed that parents should choose the best environment for care and education of their children. However, current child care and universal pre-kindergarten provisions in the Build Back Better Act could effectively exclude Catholic providers and many other faith-based providers, and they said this needs to be fixed.

The USCCB has raised these concerns with Congress. But it is vital that Congress hear from the individuals directly.
The bishops are asking Catholics to contact their representatives and senators in Congress that they ensure the faith-based community can participate in the Build Back Better Act’s child care and universal pre-kindergarten programs.
In a recent letter the USCCB wrote, “As the House prepares to vote on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Build Back Better Act, we renew our requests to Congress to work together toward legislation that promotes the common good and the dignity of every person. In the course of your work preparing these bills, we have sent the following to you, outlining moral principles for consideration, and asking you to work towards policies that will help those on the margins of society, strengthen families, protect religious freedom, promote care for creation, and respect the rights and dignity of every human life.”

For more information and to access a simple form and language to submit to local representatives and senators, please visit


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