Bishops need support as they lead their flock to eternal life



It is important for us to support our Bishops who are willing to speak the truth. It is for our own eternal good. It is so confusing to me when Catholics expect that any Bishop can recognize any Catholic as “good and kind” when that Catholic not only supports but legislates law that legalizes abortion – even up to the point of birth and beyond.
Abortion is wrong. It is always wrong. It would seem that any politician who has suffered terrible agonies – unexpected and untimely death – would be more inclined to protect the dignity of human life at any stage because they have been sensitized by painful death in their own lives. But, instead, we have politicians who don’t protect life at all. It seems that it’s okay to legislate against God’s commandments and still consider ourselves holy and pious. This tells me that many good people just don’t understand the ramifications of such legislation; they don’t understand the role of the Bishop as a Shepherd leading the flock in his care to eternal life – anything less and he puts his own soul at risk. Jesus does expect us to work towards unification and solidarity but the one thing He doesn’t ask us to give up is our own souls in doing so. Our good Bishops work so hard to communicate what is true so that we, too, may hear and be preserved for eternal life. “For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul.” (Mark 8:36)
Rosemary Boisclair, Rehoboth