First Fridays kicks off inaugural event with strong turnout of young adults


PROVIDENCE — In a resounding inaugural event on Dec. 1, the Young Adult Evangelization ministry successfully launched its much-anticipated First Fridays program. This monthly initiative, designed to foster a stronger sense of community among young adults in the diocese, promises not only connection and spiritual growth but a significant contribution to the rebuilding of the diocesan foundation.
Conceived and executed by a passionate group of young adult volunteers, First Fridays emerged from a recognition of the need for a supportive and vibrant community within the diocese. The curtain rose on an event meticulously designed to provide a space for genuine connection and profound spiritual nourishment.
Bishop Richard G. Henning celebrated a Holy Hour of Reflection at 7 p.m. at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul. In his homily, he set the tone for the evening, sharing personal anecdotes about family vacations and moments of trust. Drawing a parallel between his experiences and the challenges of trusting in Jesus, Bishop Henning emphasized the transformative power of trust in shaping and changing individuals.
An opportunity to receive the sacrament of reconciliation followed for the approximately 70 young adults, who ranged in age from their 20s to their 30s. In the background, uplifting melodies from the music group “Chosen Worship,” filled the air.
The event transcended conventional community gatherings with dynamic discussions on vocations, religious life and more. As the evening concluded with a social hour, attendees found themselves in an informal setting to continue conversations and forge lasting connections.
First Fridays, as an initiative, goes beyond the limits of a standard community event; it serves as a dynamic platform for evangelization. With a concentrated focus on prayer and spiritual nourishment, this program seeks to reach and inspire young adults, fostering a profound connection to faith and fellowship.
Dennis Sousa, director of the Office of Family, Youth and Young Adult Evangelization, was pleased with the turnout, noting the “good attendance and the start of something beautiful.”
The next First Fridays event will be held on Friday, Jan. 5 at 7 p.m., at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, and the diocese extends an invitation to all young adults to join in this transformative journey, which fosters an atmosphere where faith, community and evangelization intertwine to create a lasting impact.