Flags do not symbolize acceptance of persons in the Christian sense



With his April 3 statement on the Nativity School Bishop McManus of Worcester has done his flock courageous service. The “Pride” and “BLM” flags are readily and justifiably perceived as promoting an ideology (e.g. “marriage equality,” Critical Race Theory), or an organization (e.g. the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which supports abortion), that opposes Christian truth on essential matters. These flags do not symbolize acceptance of persons in the radical and wholesome Christian sense, but the “acceptance” and even celebration of actions that are immoral and destructive (e.g. same-sex sexual acts, transgender mutilation, or the reading of other persons predominantly through their skin color). In short, these flags help spread lies—something we Catholics might perceive more keenly, and speak up about with greater conviction. The symbols of a Catholic school (and of our own lives!) must point boldly and unambiguously to the Truth that is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Matthew Cuddeback, Assistant professor of philosophy, Providence College