Generosity shown in Ukraine relief restores faith in human nature



On Saturday, March 12, I had my faith in human nature restored. A neighbor and I collected essentials for Ukrainian refugees (everything from boxes of toiletries donated by nuns to stuffed animals, towels, and clothing contributed by neighbors and relatives) and headed to the Cardi’s drop-off site in West Warwick. The parade of contributors stretched for nearly three miles from the entrance and we waited for almost three hours with other determined Rhode Islanders in a driving rain as the line only grew longer, snaking far behind us.
We were listening to the radio when Pete Cardi proclaimed that the distribution center was overwhelmed by the support and that the warehouse could no longer handle the generous outpouring of good intentions. We slipped out of line and attempted to inform others, flagging them down in the rain, and were still more than a 1/2 mile away from the entrance when we heard from a worker that if we made a U-turn and traveled back in the opposite direction, we could drop off our supplies at Arpin Van Lines Depot. We followed her advice and were able to complete our task thanks to dedicated volunteers undaunted by the elements.
To all those who were in that line, to all those who donated, I would like to say thank you for restoring my faith in human nature. What occurred was a primary source testament that (though we may not be able to assist at the Polish border or make a Molotov cocktail in Kiev) the unabashed goodness that is burnished into our DNA cannot be denied. God bless the inherent goodness buried deep within each of us.

Stefano Andolfo, Warwick