Getting to Know Your Seminarians: Aidan Blanchette


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Get to know a little more about the men you are praying for as they continue to prepare for the priesthood.

Age: 18

Year of Study:  First College

Home Parish: St. John Paul II Church, Pawtucket

Where did you grow up and go to school?:
I grew up in Pawtucket. I attended public school in Pawtucket and for High School I attended Bishop Hendricken in Warwick.

What does the word "vocation" mean to you personally?:
One’s vocation is what Our Lord has made us for and what he calls us to. Even before we were born he knew us and what he would call each of us to.

How did you discern your vocation to the priesthood?:
In high school, I discerned my vocation by spending time with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament (adoration). The real presence of Our Lord gave — and continues to give me strength and peace — knowing that I can surrender all things to him and trust in his love and goodness all the days of my life.

Favorite Hobbies and/or fun fact about yourself:
I love swimming, running, playing ultimate frisbee and playing guitar.

What is something that readers may not know about what it is like to be a seminarian?
As much as we pray and focus on our studies, we also are always looking for opportunities to serve in our communities.

What would you say to a young man discerning the priesthood — or maybe hasn’t even considered it at all?
To any young man in the Church, surrender yourself to the divine will of our Lord in front of the Blessed Sacrement in adoration. God will respond to your openness by giving you many graces to grow as a man. And now that you have given yourself to him, he will lead you and show you where you need to be, whether that’s in the seminary preparing to become a priest, or a place preparing you to become a good father.

How do you feel we can best support seminarians?
Praying the most Holy Rosary everyday for the intention of seminarians and all of our clerics as well.

What is the most surprising part about being a seminarian?
The overwhelming support from my seminarian brothers and amazing people around the diocese.

Are there specific life changes that you have had to make to be successful at seminary formation?
A lot less time with electronics — especially phones.

Is there any person or saint whom you credit with interceding on your behalf to God for your vocational discernment?
Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

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