Let us live our lives with purpose and conviction



Soon we will be celebrating the Easter Season. With diminishing Christian adherents the public display of the holiday may only be noted inside Christian churches. The past years have shown an increase in the nones when asked to state a religious belief.
During the Lenten season it has become a time for review of all our transgressions in our path in life. Holy week services complete the cycle of joy, Holy Thursday; sorrow, Good Friday; followed by Easter Sunday’s victory.
Enjoy the day, dress up and attend an Easter Sunday church service. Reinforce your belief in your chosen life of faith. Then, after church service, you can still make Easter Sunday a day for celebration with family dining, Easter egg hunts, and enjoy the outdoor Spring activities.
Be strong in your beliefs and live your life with purpose and conviction. Increase your faith with regular church attendance.

Bob Sweeney, Warwick