May, a Month to Honor the Blessed Virgin Mary


The month of May always begins in the midst of the Easter Season and ushers in the full beauty of spring. All of nature awakes from its winter slumber and long cold nights to a new beginning with longer days and warmer temperatures. Many people begin to enjoy spending time outdoors where they are treated with the spectacle of blooming flowers and trees and the renewed vibrancy of plants and animals in the surrounding area. All things seem to begin anew again and life springs forth from death and darkness. It brings joy to us all and we not only feel physically rejuvenated, but also spiritually enlightened.

During the month of May we also honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, who, at the foot of the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, was commended by Him to be the Mother of the Church. In the place where the Lord was crucified, there was a garden as if to remind us that there was another garden in the beginning where there stood the Tree of Life. Mary was the first to receive fruit from this tree, and thus, through her perfect obedience to the Father, passes this good fruit to all of humanity.

Her reward was that she was assumed into Heaven, body and soul, and crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth. She continues to renew the Church as a fruitful mother and as Our Queen we honor her with our prayers and devotions. May we take her into our homes and enthrone her as Our Lady, Our Queen and Our Mother. Maria Mater Dei, Ora pro nobis!