New life deserves protection from massacre of abortion



We often hear the term “Freedom of Choice” being used. But are we not responsible for our choices? If one should drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and cause a serious accident resulting in a death, is that driver guilty of murder? That is the law.
If conception should result from our choice of actions, that child becomes a new life, apart from our own; one that must be nurtured. Yet, the same law that protects other humans no longer exists for the child within the womb. His or her body is thrown in a heap, then what? Incinerated, with the ashes blown in the wind?
Do those who condone abortion really understand what is being done? The child in the womb is not part of the mother’s body, but a life unto its own, needing sustenance from her until birth.
A few decades ago, Life magazine published a thorough article, including photos, of the child’s growth in the womb and exactly what abortion does to this living human being at various stages of development.
Do our representatives in government turn a blind eye from the truth? They know full well that abortion is the massacre of these children. Yet, though the majority of people oppose such a violent end to our unborn; they choose to make this slaughter permanently legal. Why?

M.P. Levesque, North Smithfield