President Trump shirked his duty, really?



Respectfully, I believe your recent editorial relied on talking points from the far left news. President Trump was convinced by his lawyers that significant doubt exists about the validity of votes in five or six states, the correction of which would make him President. The U.S. Constitution provides that any changes made to voting procedures must be approved by each state. This did not happen in those states. Texas filed the most relevant law suit in advance of the Congressional hearing to the U.S. Supreme Court, which rejected the case as not having “standing.”
The only option made to the President was to appeal this at the Congressional hearing, being convinced he won the election. He wanted VP Pence to refer those cases to the states after hearing the cases made in Congress. VP Pence decided he did not have a reasonable way to do this and decided not to refer the cases. He may have changed his mind if he heard the cases. They were interrupted by the assault on the Capitol.
There is reasonable acceptance that the assault was planned by forces not favorable to Trump several days in advance of the meeting. President Trump did say “I won the election” because he was convinced that those states took enough votes from him to win easily. As a result we have a seriously flawed partisan impeachment with no investigation of the facts by the Congress. I am a registered independent, but like all of the accomplishments Trump has done. He was the only chance we, as Catholics had in the upcoming four years to get a positive piece of legislation on the Life issue. President Trump has been seriously framed for this.

Donald P. Galamaga, M.P.A., C.C.P., D.G.C.P., CAPT., USN Ret.