R.I. Catholic is a voice of truth and godliness



I get my news primarily from television and radio. I gave up subscribing to a secular newspaper decades ago when I noticed that I just never took the time to read it each day. I also realized that many newspapers, including the primary one in this state, tend to print opinions that are contrary to our faith rather than unbiased news.
Having said all that, I must complement the staff of Rhode Island Catholic. It comes once a week and I usually read almost all the articles and opinion pieces. It is refreshing to have a voice of truth and godliness always at hand. I have given copies to my oldest daughter who makes them available to the residents at the assisted living facility she directs. I also provide copies to my younger daughter who sometimes has questions about our Catholic faith. R.I. Catholic is a great resource!
Finally I must complement the unnamed photographer who captured the Our Lady of Mercy School students enjoying their Colorthon fundraiser as reported in the November 4, 2021 issue (p. 6). That photo is full of joy and hope, exactly like our Catholic faith.

Kenneth Carr, Hope Valley


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