St. Luke Knights to Seminarian: 'Bon Voyage, and Be Sure of Many Prayers'


Diocese of Providence Seminarian Nathan Ledoux receives a going-away gift from the Knights of Columbus council at St. Luke’s Church in Barrington. After serving the parish for the summer, Ledoux left for Rome on July 19 to pursue theological studies at the Pontifical North American College. Ledoux, himself a notable Knight of Columbus, led his college council at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., first as chancellor (2016-18) and then as grand knight (2018-19). He grew up in Rehoboth, where his family still resides. In wishing Ledoux well, St. Luke pastor Father Timothy D. Reilly spoke for the whole parish when he said, “Nathan, thanks for your gentle, loving and steady work among us. You will have a special place in the parish’s prayers every day as you begin your Great Adventure in Rome.”