‘Strive to be men of integrity’ Coadjutor Bishop Henning encourages students during his first visit to Rhode Island Catholic high school


WARWICK — On Friday, March 3, Coadjutor Bishop Richard G. Henning received a warm welcome to Bishop Hendricken High School during his first visit to a Diocese of Providence high school.
During his visit Bishop Henning had the opportunity to visit Spanish and theology classes, meet with the Leadership Academy, receive a tour of campus by student ambassadors, and celebrate Mass with the school community.“Welcome to the finest Catholic high school in the state,” said Father Robert L. Marciano, KHS ’75, president. “We are delighted to have you here for your first visit to a Catholic high school. Welcome to Hendricken. We pledge that we will do our best to make Hendricken men supermen, clothed in goodness and in virtue and in love. You inspire us by your leadership.”
During his homily, the bishop encouraged the young men to not seek power in the worldly sense, but to live with integrity, and seek the true power of the heart to make a real difference in the world.
“The power of love is our superpower. We don’t have to leap tall buildings; we don’t have to fly or have superhuman strength. We can exercise that power of the heart and in doing so we are changed, those around us are changed. The world can be a different place. That’s the power that sets us free from sin. The power of compassion, of mutual care for one another, for solidarity. That’s the power that saves the world.”
Following the Mass, Bishop Henning was presented with a special gift from the school community. With a grateful smile, the bishop held up a jersey with his name in Hendricken colors inscribed on the back.
“I have learned already that you have a storied history and many prominent alumni, but of course right now, here in this place, you are Hendricken and so all of us hope and pray that you will be disciplined and hardworking in your studies so that your minds may be open to the wide goodness to the universe and of God’s creation,” Bishop Henning told the young men. “We pray that you will have a sense of team and sportsmanship in all of your activities, and we pray too that you will give us that gift and witness of your young faith. Thank you for the presence of this school and community here in the state of Rhode Island and in the Diocese of Providence.”