Thanks and Blessings for Catholic Hospital Ministry


PROVIDENCE — On December 2, a “Thanks and Blessings” breakfast was held in Providence for the staff who support Catholic Hospital Ministry in the Diocese of Providence. These individuals prepare the schedules of the numerous priests who assist with hospital ministry as well as coordinating visits within the hospitals for Catholic patients.

The event was the second annual breakfast to thank the staff who support Hospital Ministry. Father Albert D. Ranallo, coordinator for Health Care Ministry in the diocese, welcomed the 12 attendees and thanked them for their hard work and dedication. Honored at the breakfast were Louise Barone and James Willsey who both recently retired from the hospital ministry team.

“Together Louise and Jim have contributed over 50 years of service to hospital ministry and we are most grateful,” said Father Ranallo.

Adding his thanks and congratulations was James Jahnz, secretary for Catholic Charities and Social Ministry for the diocese.