The president is elected to serve all the people



Reading George Weigel’s column [“President Biden, Archbishop Paglia and the Mortification of the Church,” Nov. 10] is like listening to a band that can play only one song over and over again. It gets very tiring hearing repeatedly how the President is not a good Catholic. Do I need to remind Mr. Weigel that our President is elected to serve all the people, not just conservative Catholics? It was not until 1960 that our country elected a Catholic President, and then only after candidate John Kennedy pledged to the citizens he would not take orders from the Pope and as President would represent all people…believers, non-believers, and atheists.
I would caution Mr. Weigel not to impose religious fealty as a requirement for holding office. One day we could elect a Muslim leader. Would Mr. Weigel then accept the imposition of sharia law on the American citizenry?

Ann L. Sullivan, Portsmouth