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TO THE EDITOR: It is important for us to support our Bishops who are willing to speak the truth. It is for our own eternal good. It is so confusing to me when Catholics expect that any Bishop can … more
TO THE EDITOR: I noted with sadness the passing of Father Francis Guidice. May I add one aspect of his productive life not mentioned in your accounts of his priestly career. Back in 1976, I was … more
TO THE EDITOR: I read with interest the editorial, “The Ten Commandments and the Natural Law,” in the R.I. Catholic, March 4, 2021. The writer suggests that Thomas Jefferson had the … more
TO THE EDITOR: While calls for the publication of “The Best of The Quiet Corner” are flattering, a book of six pages would not merit much attention. When the final review of The Quiet … more
TO THE EDITOR: In your 28 January edition, “The Quiet Corner” made a bit of noise. Father Kiley spoke about Joe Biden, saying that only God can know if Biden is a good Catholic. There … more
TO THE EDITOR: I second the motion proposed by Harold Trafford Jr., in his recent letter, that “The Best of Quiet Corner” would make an absolutely terrific book! Mike Speidel, … more
TO THE EDITOR: I would like to respond to Father David Stokes’ letter to the editor in the January 21 edition of the R.I. Catholic. He called the events of January 6 by about 100 fanatics … more
TO THE EDITOR: With interest I read the paeans of support for Pres. Joseph Biden in recent letters to the editor.With deepest regret, the Church universal mourns the unborn who, not unlike the … more
TO THE EDITOR: The title of your editorial in your January 14th publication was opinion, thanks to our First Amendment of freedom of speech, but not based on fact. Yes, the violent event at our … more
TO THE EDITOR: At first glance, the Bishops’ column of January 28, “The Strength that you find” had me hoping that he was going to be writing something positive about President … more
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